The Naughty Nine 2 Potential Release Date: Will There Be The Naughty Nine 2?

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The Naughty Nine 2: A Disney film called The Naughty Nine combines the entertaining thrills of a heist movie with the uplifting happiness of family Christmas movies. Scott Thomas and Jed Elinoff, the writers of the enduring Disney series Raven’s Home, collaborated on the film’s script, which was directed by Alberto Belli.

Winslow Fegley plays Andy in The Naughty Nine, a troublemaking fifth grader who finds out he was added to Santa’s Naughty List. We are thrilled to share a sneak peek at the real significance of the Naughty List with you in this clip from The Naughty Nine, starring Fegley and his feature film debutante Camila Rodriguez as Dulce. The details regarding The Naughty Nine 2 are covered in full here.

Will There Be The Naughty Nine 2?
The Naughty Nine 2 Release Date

The Naughty Nine 2 does not yet have an official release date. Also, there is no news from the filmmaker regarding the possibility of a second part in the series. On November 22, 2023, The Naughty Nine had their Disney Channel debut. On November 23, 2023, it was made available on Disney+.

The Naughty Nine is a holiday heist movie that Disney Branded Television is producing for Disney Channel and Disney+, it was revealed on February 7, 2022. Alberto Belli was slated to helm the project, while Scott Thomas, Jed Elinoff, and Suzanne Todd served as executive producers. Thomas and Elinoff wrote the screenplay for the movie as well. It was revealed on September 28, 2023, that Danny Glover would be playing Santa Claus in the movie.

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What Could Be the Naughty Nine 2 Cast if It Comes Back?

Most of the actors from the first season of The Naughty Nine will definitely return if there is a second season. The anticipated cast of the film consists of:

Winslow Fegley as Andy Steele

• Camila Rodriguez as Dulce Gutierrez

• Derek Theler as Bruno

• Deric McCabe as Jon Anthony Dizon

• Clara Stack as Rose Wingert

• Anthony Joo as Lewis Sobong

• Ayden Elijah as Albert Reyes

• Imogen Cohen as Ha-Yoon Si-u

• Madilyn Kellam as Laurel Steele

• Danny Glover as Santa Claus 

The Naughty Nine Storyline The Naughty Nine 2 Release Date

Andy, a fifth grader, has been misbehaving this year, which has landed him on the naughty list and made him feel that Santa has shafted him unfairly. Along with eight other mischievous kids, he forms a group whose goal is to break into Santa’s Village at the North Pole and steal the gifts they feel they deserve.

The Naughty Nine Recap The Naughty Nine 2 Release Date

In the teaser for The Naughty Nine, it is revealed that Andy wants to steal something from the North Pole. To accomplish this, he teams up with a group of young people who are all on the Naughty List. Besides Dulce and Joo, Andy also enlists the following: Laurel (Madilyn Kellam), Ha-Yoon (Imogen Cohen), Rose (Clara Stack), Jon Anthony (Deric McCabe), and Bruno (Derek Theler).

Each character adds something entertaining and distinct to the proceedings, following in the footsteps of previous ensemble films, and their diverse skill sets are all put to use during the actual robbery. The Naughty Nine saw a chance to include Santa Claus himself since Andy was determined to take the present he believed he deserved from the North Pole.

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Where To Watch The Naughty Nine?The Naughty Nine 2 Release Date

The Naughty Nine is currently available for viewing on Disney Plus and fuboTV. Users of the Disney Plus Basic plan can stream the service’s content with advertisements, while those with the Premium subscription can download content to compatible devices and stream without any commercials. Follow for more trending movies, animation, and shows. Below is The Naughty Nine’s official trailer.

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