8 Best Mystery Movies On Hotstar That Every Movie Fan Must Watch


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best mystery movies on hotstar

Seeing mystery movies on Disney Plus Hotstar is the best method to banish boredom and raise your pulse rate. Some of the biggest thriller genre hits ever are available on the Hotstar app. With plenty of suspenseful movies available on Hotstar India, you can binge-watch anything from nail-biting climaxes to edge-of-your-seat suspense. The top 8 mystery series available on Disney+ Hotstar are listed in this article.

1. Death on the Nilebest mystery movies on hotstar

It is a murder mystery available on OTT platforms that debuted in 2022 on Hotstar India and centers on a group of strangers who become stranded on an opulent ship. As these individuals band together to identify the murderer from the group that everyone is suspicious of, the tension grows. Thrillingly suspenseful, Death on the Nile is now one of the most popular thriller films on Disney Plus Hotstar.

2. The Kings Manbest mystery movies on hotstar

The King’s Man, a prequel to the Kingsman series that is likewise accessible on the Hotstar app, is also available in Hindi. In this exciting and action-packed movie, the Kingsman has to foil a diabolical scheme to exterminate humanity. For all fans of Kingsman and action-packed thrillers, it is a must-watch.

3. No Exitbest mystery movies on hotstar

The protagonist of this tale is a college student returning from a vacation with her mother when she becomes stuck on top of a mountain rest area with a bunch of strangers. This gripping drama can be easily accessed with a Hotstar subscription.

4. Glassbest mystery movies on hotstar

In this suspenseful thriller, a security guard David Dunn uses his supernatural abilities to track Kevin Wendell Crump who is a disturbed man with about 24 personalities. This film is available to view on the Hotstar app.

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5. A Thursdaybest mystery movies on hotstar

In this suspenseful thriller, a preschool teacher kidnaps her young students and wants to speak with the nation’s prime minister. She takes retribution for a horrible act that was done against her many years ago, for a just cause as well. This film is available to view on the Hotstar app.

6. Uglybest mystery movies on hotstar

You may watch this straightforward yet gripping tale of a poor actor whose daughter goes missing; you can watch it by downloading Hotstar. They both begin blaming one another of the crime as soon as the stepfather enters the picture. To find out who the true offender is, download Hotstar right now.

7. Sanakbest mystery movies on hotstar

Sanak, another gem from the extensive library available on Disney Plus Hotstar, depicts the anguish and difficult struggles faced by Vivaan as he tries to save his wife and other patients who are trapped and imprisoned in a hospital that has been taken over by terrorists.

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8. Ratsasanbest mystery movies on hotstar

You may watch this psychological thriller in Tamil on Hotstar. A determined police officer is after an elusive serial killer who is on a killing spree. To capture this psychopath, the cop needs to figure out how he thinks. On Disney+Hotstar, this one is at the top of the must-watch thriller list.

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