From Co-Stars to Competitors – The Unexpected Twist in ‘The Masked Singer’ Finale!

Parag Nanda

From Co-Stars to Competitors - The Unexpected Twist in 'The Masked Singer' Finale!

In the gripping finale of Season 11 of “The Masked Singer,” viewers were treated to a showdown between two talented performers, Goldfish and Gumball. Little did they know, the stage was set for a reunion of sorts, as it was revealed that these two masked singers were actually former co-stars.

Vanessa Hudgens, donning the Goldfish costume, faced off against Scott Porter, hidden behind the Gumball mask, in a battle for the coveted trophy. In a twist of fate, Hudgens emerged victorious, but not before the delightful revelation that her fellow contestant was none other than her Bandslam co-star, Scott Porter.

Reflecting on the surprising moment when Porter’s true identity was unveiled, Hudgens shared her disbelief and amusement. “He cracked me up. He was like, ‘This isn’t the first time I’ve lost you. This is the second time!’ I was just gagged. I could not believe it was him,” she exclaimed.

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Admitting her lack of detective skills, she confessed, “I would be a terrible judge on the show because I had absolutely no idea who anyone was. So I was very surprised when he took that mask off.”

Porter, on the other hand, had recognized Hudgens’ unmistakable voice from the start. “As someone who had worked with her before, that voice was unmistakable,” he recalled. Seizing a moment during a commercial break, he approached her on stage, teasingly remarking, “I know you. You have no idea who I am.”

But it wasn’t just Porter who was onto her. Rita Ora, displaying an uncanny knack for guessing, correctly identified Hudgens as the Goldfish. Hudgens, however, hinted that perhaps she wasn’t as secretive about her identity as she thought.

“The first performance was a song by Olivia Rodrigo, who played Gabriella in the High School Musical series. And my second song was Baby Come Back. That was my first single, and I was literally singing some of the same ad-libs and licks that I was singing when I was like 16 years old,” she revealed.

Despite the judges’ near-misses, none of them managed to correctly guess Gumball’s true identity. Ora, in a moment of near clairvoyance, speculated whether Gumball might be Taylor Kitsch, Porter’s co-star from “Friday Night Lights.”

Reflecting on the judges’ inability to unmask him, Porter mused, “I think it’s a badge of honor if they can’t figure you out. At the end of the day, to make it all the way to the finale with them not having any idea of who I am, I think I’ll take that as a win.”

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As the crowned champion of Season 11, Hudgens cherished her victory not just for the accolades, but for what it represented. “It was truly based off of what’s inside and what I bring to the table with my talents and that meant the world, honestly,” she expressed, her trophy by her side as she spoke.

In a season filled with surprises and twists, the revelation of Hudgens and Porter’s past connection added an extra layer of intrigue to “The Masked Singer.” From their initial unawareness to the joyous realization on stage, their journey captured the essence of the show’s magic – unexpected discoveries and the celebration of talent, both familiar and newfound.

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